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Notice regarding the “audimator” music players


We have received a few inquiries regarding support/repair of the music players of the brand “audimator”, as distributed by Profile Music Productions, Profile Music Australia and (briefly) Profile Audio Branding.

Requests for service and warranty should be directed to the diverse “Profile” companies (all owned by Mr. Paul Guardiani). CompuPhase's responsibility is limited to its requirements under the “Sale of Goods Act” and its requirements per the contracts with the Profile companies.

Regretfully, this situation may make audimator owners feel being sent from pillar to post. We wish to emphasize that we have throughout taken a serious effort to resolve our dispute with Profile.

As a token of good will towards the end users of the music players, CompuPhase offers a €150.00 discount on the price of the DM440 music player when trading in an audimator player. This offer applies to any model of the audimators (“original”, “mini” & “micro”), regardless of its age or status. The discount is not cummulative, but quantum discounts still apply.

The DM440 is a successor of the audimator players, and fully compatible with it: playlists created for the audimator will run on the DM440. To take advantage of features such as cross-fading of audio tracks and remote monitoring & control, however, updated playlists and software are required. In cooperation with music producers, CompuPhase can provide these too, if so desired.