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Notice regarding the “audimator” music players


We have received a few inquiries regarding support/repair of the music players of the brand “audimator”, as distributed by Profile Music Productions, Profile Music Australia and (briefly) Profile Audio Branding.

Requests for service and warranty should be directed to the diverse “Profile” companies (all owned by Mr. Paul Guardiani). CompuPhase's responsibility is limited to its requirements under the “Sale of Goods Act” and its requirements per the contracts with the Profile companies.

Regretfully, this situation may make audimator owners feel being sent from pillar to post. In addition, it has come to our attention that Profile Music has neglected to deploy any of the feature and security updates of the audimator firmware. As a token of good will towards the end users of the music players, CompuPhase makes available a cummulative firmware update, fixing all of the known issues since 2013 (when the audimator micro was first introduced) and brings additional features. If you have recurrent networking problems or if you are concerned about the security of your network, we advise to install this cummulative update.

However, as we do not control the update servers of Profile Music (for automatic updates), this firmware file must be manually installed on the SD card. There is one snag: Profile Music scrambles the folder contents, so before you can copy the updated firmware to the card, you need to unscramble the card first. As a stepwise procedure:

  1. Download the cumulative update for the audimator firmware and for the card “unscramble” utility. (See “Downloads” below.)
  2. Unpack the unscramble utility and run it on a PC that runs Microsoft Windows and that has an SD card reader (or use a USB card reader).
  3. Remove the SD card from the audimator (it is accessible at the back of the audimator) and insert it in the PC that the unscramble tool runs on. Ignore any message of Microsoft Windows that the card has a problem. Do not let Windows try to repair the card.
  4. The unscramble utility should detect the card (this may take a few seconds) and update its status.
  5. Click on the button “Unscramble”. Note: this is a lengthy operation (20 to 40 minutes) and it must not be interrupted.
  6. After the card has been reverted to a readable state, unpack the “cummulative firmware update” ZIP file into the root folder of the card. Specifically, the file “h0440o_5605.bin” should be present in the root folder of the card.
  7. Power down the audimator, insert the card in the audimator and power up the audimator again. After roughly 20 seconds, the audimator boots up, with updated firmware.

An optional step, now that the card of the audimator is readable, is to copy all files onto a high-speed SD card (e.g. class 10) and insert that card in the audimator. The updated firmware offers significantly enhanced download speeds (and thereby quicker music updates), but it is effective only when a fast SD card is used.


  1. The unscramble tool; required to make the SD card of the audimator readable on a Windows PC.
  2. Cummulative firmware update; a collection of all patches, new features and security updates for the audimator micro.

Compatible alternative

Instead of upgrading the firmware of the audimator, CompuPhase offers the DM440 music player, which is fully compatible with the audimator. We will give you a €150.00 discount on the price of the DM440 when trading in an audimator player. This offer applies to any model of the audimators (“original”, “mini” & “micro”), regardless of its age or status. The discount is not cummulative, but quantum discounts still apply.

The DM440 is a successor of the audimator players: playlists created for the audimator will run on the DM440. The DM440 music player is being kept up to date by CompuPhase, and therefore a situation where you do not receive the feature and security patches for over three years, will not occur.

As stated, the DM440 is fully compatible with the audimators, and already offers some enhanced features out of the box (such as a high-quality integrated compressor/limiter). To take advantage of features such as cross-fading of audio tracks and remote monitoring & control, however, updated playlists and control software are required. In cooperation with music producers, CompuPhase can provide these too, if so desired.