Twinkler starter set

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Twinkler starter set

Starter set, containing:

  • 5 Twinkler boards (product H0600)
  • 1 USB interface (product H0610)
  • 1 CD-ROM with documentation and software
  • 1 Power supply (product H0614)
  • 3 straight light pipes Ø3mm × 45mm (product 1216L3)
  • 3 straight light pipes Ø5mm × 45mm (product 1216L5)
  • 2 flexible light pipes 80mm & 150mm (products L1216L1 and 1216L2)
  • 1 cable set with diverse lengths (mix of products H0630, H0631 and H0632)

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1+ € 165.00

Product number H0650
Documents User Guide
Programming Guide
CE Declaration
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