Project table "Hart van de Heuvelrug"

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Project table "Hart van de Heuvelrug"

Summary    Programmable LED indicators for project status in Hart van de Heuvelrug, The Netherlands
Customer    Brandwacht en Meijer
Time    2 wk
Components    Two I/O controllers (96 channels), RGB-LEDs with light pipe assembly, relays and switch panel
Description    Each LED indicates the status of a project on the map that is printed at the table top. Since the project status changes over time, the LED colour is programmable. The LEDs are mounted below the table top and the light pipes transport the light through the 18 mm multiplex of the table top.

The table in construction (Brandwacht & Meijer)

Below the table top: RGB LEDs hanging on a light pipe and connected with 4-wire ribbon cable

The table (nearly) finished

The button panel in a drawer

Detail picture showing a few LEDs in different colours

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