PaletteMaker - create high quality 256 colour palettes

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PaletteMaker - create high quality 256 colour palettes

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PaletteMaker creates 256 colour palettes (or smaller palettes) from "True Color" source images. Using a blend of algorithms —some novel, some well-studied, PaletteMaker achieves high quality palettes.

PaletteMaker can generate a palette from scratch, but it can also optimize an existing palette (in small, incremental steps) towards a new image. Most of all, PaletteMaker is designed to run interactively and to use your judgement as a direction for further palette optimization. PaletteMaker is not only iterative, it is interactive too.

If we want to summarize the features of PaletteMaker, we can suffice with two words: quality and control.


Screen shot

PaletteMaker screenshot

This is a screenshot of PaletteMaker version 1.5. This product is made in the EU


Prices for PaletteMaker 1.5 are summarized below. To see the price in your own currency, go to the Universal Currency Converter™.

PaletteMaker 1.5 prices
item price (euro)
Single-user license: €   80,00
Site license (multi-user): € 150,00
Shipping and handling: €   20,00

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