Electronic design

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Electronic design

logo VisualPlace VisualPlace
Freeware VisualPlace assists in (manual or automated) PCB assembly. Component placement is extracted from files generated from the EDA suite —notably the Gerber files, the centroid file(s) and the bill-of-materials.

Screen-shot of the VisualPlace application The application visualizes the component placement and converts the files (with corrections, where applicable) for further automated processing. Creating placement information (with semi-automatic centre-finding for the centroid markers) is also possible.

Due to a plug-in architecture, VisualPlace works with many EDA suites, and more can be added.

icon librarian KiCad Librarian
Open Source A utility to move & copy footprints or schematic symbols from one library to another, and to optionally adjust the parameters of these footprint/symbols. This program supports the KiCad EDA suite.
icon other products DrillFile: drill file creator for KiCad
Open Source KiCad is an open-source EDA-suite. This "DrillFile" utility creates either one or two drill files in Excellon format, optionally separating plated-through holes from non-plated holes. It comes as both a GUI and a console utility. Documentation and source code are included in the download.
DrillFile interface
DrillFile interface
Nota Bene: The latest version of KiCad allows holes to be marked as "mechanical" and creates a separate "NPTH" drill file for these. Earlier versions of KiCad always stored all holes in a single drill file. The DrillFile utility allows you to select either option, for any version of KiCad.