Panodome 1.0

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Panodome 1.0

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Panodome is a toolkit for embedding views of cylindrical panoramic images into an application. Making a standard panoramic image navigator with Panodome requires only a few simple function calls. Panodome also lets you extent the viewer and combine it with sound and animation toolkits, in order to create lively panoramas, or to make interactive games.

If you are interested in ordering Panodome:
please send or fax us a completed order form which...
  1. comes with the evaluation version,
  2. or you can download it separately (PDF).
License and price information is below.

The Panodome library is available for Microsoft Windows 3.1x with Win32s, Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME and Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP. It is aimed at games and multi-media programmers.


This product is made in the EU


Prices for Panodome 1.0 are summarized below. The standard license includes the DLL and the interface libraries. The source code license contains the full source code of the DLL, in addition to the precompiled binaries. To see the price in your own currency, go to the Universal Currency Converter™.

Panodome 1.0 prices
item price (euro)
Standard license: € 100,00
Source code license: € 250,00
Shipping and handling: €   20,00

To order Panodome, please send or fax us a completed order form which comes with the evaluation version or that can be downloaded separately as a PDF file (9 kBytes).

A technical introduction of how the projection of cylindrical panoramas works is available as well (PDF format, due to the many formulae).